We had thought of taking Srinagar from India, but now, ‘the question has arisen, how to save Muzaffarabad?’ !

Pakistan’s Maulana Fazlur Rehman has shown a mirror to Pakistani Government !

  • Pakistan doesn’t want to leave the ‘hate India aptitude’, come what may ! India will have to destroy Pakistan !

  • It will not be surprising if Pakistan Army, ISI and the Government’s true form comes to light and becomes a reason for internal conflict !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Any solution is not in sight by the Imran Khan-led Pakistan Government on the issue of Kashmir problem. Article 370 was scrapped in 2019, but the Pakistan Government could not do anything. Previously, we had thought that, “we would take Srinagar from India’, but now the situation has changed. We are forced to think, ‘how to save Muzaffarabad?’! These words of Pakistan’s ‘Jamiat Ulam-e-Islam’s President Maulana Fazhur Rehman had shown the mirror to Pakistan Government. The Maulana has said that, “Pakistan is led by a dictator, and we will raise our voice against the situation”.