Rajasthan Police declares 13th-day ritual after death a punishable offence

People had to take a loan to carry out after death 13th-day rituals, hence the decision

People should strictly follow ‘Prevention of Mrityu Bhoj Act’, 1960

  • What else can you expect in a State that is ruled by the anti-Hindu Congress Government ?
  • According to the Hindu religion, rituals after demise are specifically important. Without realising the science and culture of the Hindu religion behind this and directly restricting ‘after death 13th-day ritual’ by Police and Congress Government is an Aurangzeb’s style.  Before taking such a decision have the concerned authority had a discussion with the Hindu Saints ?
  • If Hindus are imparted education on Dharma, they will follow the correct way to perform after-death rituals as per Hindu Scriptures, then there will be no need for applying for any loan for this ritual. In absence of such an education, Hindus take a loan. And just because of loans to ban the religious rituals is horrific.

Tonk (Rajasthan) – In Rajasthan whoever performs 13th-day after-death feast would be sentenced to 1-year imprisonment and a fine of Rs.1,000. All Police stations are being given orders about the same. If information is not provided about the 13th-day rituals held in the village, action will be taken against the Sarpanch and Talathi. A person supporting to organise such ritual and person who lends money, both will be punished. This order is passed under the ‘Prevention of Mrityu Bhoj Act’, 1960; however, since it was not obeyed strictly earlier, it is again brought into force, said the Police.

People had to take loan to perform 13th day rituals

Poor and middle-class people had to take loans to perform the after-death feast in the village, for this few had to sell their property or other belongings as well. That is why in the year 1960, the Government immediately put a ban on this by legislating an Act. Now due to the corona pandemic, several had to go through an economic crisis and that is why strict implementation of this act is made.