‘China’s act’ is a reaction to J&K division – Anti-Indian tone in CPI (M)’s News channel

  • The Communists open their umbrellas in India when it rains in China are anti-National only. This saying is proved again from their ideology and actions. They want to show that the decision taken by India about Kashmir is wrong and hence China has attacked.
  • Have the Communists ever commented on China for encroaching on Indian terrain ? Have they ever warned China to return our occupied land ?
  • Our National security is in danger due to Communist parties and hence they should be banned and strict action should be taken against the party workers and leaders. 

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – On increasing conflicts between India and China in Ladakh, various Communist parties in India are silent about it. They have not commented anything on this, but now ‘Peoples Democracy’ a Marxist Communist Party’s mouthpiece’s 28th June Editorial showcased that ‘China has reacted on India’s decision on Kashmir division’. It also said that China’s attack on Indian soldiers ‘is a very bad act’.

(Click on the following link to read the editorial of ‘People’s Democracy’.)


The Editorial further said –

China has seen the Indian Government act and had expressed opposition to the new division of J&K. According to it, the changes in the administrative arrangement will also affect the terrain where they claim ownership.

Indian Government ignored the Chinese reaction. China had also presented this to the United Nations Security Council and India stood firm on its decision. (India should be firm with whatever is right irrespective of what others feel.- Editor)

On 6th August 2019, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, in his parliamentary speech stated, PoK and Aksai Chin both are part of Jammu-Kashmir. Foreign Minister S.Jaishanker also mentioned that PoK is part of India. (What else should they have said ? Those who get offended by the statement ‘Encroached land by Pakistan and China are part of India’ should leave India. – Editor)