Campaign on Twitter for the removal of the word ‘secular’ from the Indian Constitution

  • Protest on Twitter Handle – Hashtag #Say No To Pseudo Secularism’
  • The protest campaign is number two on the National trend

Mumbai – After Independence when the Indian Constitution was drafted in 1950, the word ‘Secular’ was not a part of it. In 1976, during the Emergency rule, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi introduced the word ‘Secular’ in the Constitution. This was accomplished with the contrived majority. However, the word ‘Secular’ was not defined in any part of the Constitution. This provoked erroneous usage and became a practice, leading to the appeasement of so-called minorities and repression of the Hindus.

A new hashtag # ‘Say No to Pseudo Secularism’ was created on Twitter. On 24th May, the nationalists and the devout started this Twitter handle. Soon it reached the 5th position and now is on 2nd position on the National Trend. The hashtag received more than one lakh Tweets.

1. Devout Hindus have tweeted that India was always known as ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation) since ancient times; however in the name of appeasement of minorities, the Congress has made India a secular Nation.

2. In other tweets, people have said that only the Hindus follow secularism. Government is taking over Hindu temples in the name of secularism, but it is not taking over any church or mosque. This is futile secularism. If fruit vendor writes ‘Hindu’ on his sign board, immediate action is taken, but when other religion’s followers write their religion’s name, no action is taken.