America hands over terrorist Ibrahim Zubair to India !

  • This is the real picture of communist media.
  • Such media houses are ever-ready to label Hindus as ‘Saffron terrorists’

New Delhi – US turns over custody of Al Qaeda terrorist Ibrahim Zubair to India. He is presently housed in a detention centre, at Amritsar, Punjab. Zubair, a 40-year-old resident of Hyderabad, was indicted for financing Al Qaeda. He was convicted and sent to prison by the US courts. On completion of his sentence, he has been extradited to India, where Indian investigating officers are conducting a probe.

Indian media with communist ideology referred to the terrorist as an Indian engineer !

In 2018, Zubair was arrested in the US as an Al Qaeda terrorist. However, some Indian communist media, referred to him as an ‘Indian engineer’.