Guruvayoor Devaswom Board decides to donate Rs. 5 crore to CM’s relief fund

New conspiracy hatched by the Communist Government to in Kerala usurp the money belonging to Hindu temples. Has anybody heard that Church and mosques have ever contributed to the relief fund ? Hindus take the lead to sacrifice their body, mind and wealth to the nation during every danger faced by the nation; however, do other communities take such an initiative ? Or does the Government request their religious places to contribute to the relief fund ?

It is mandatory to spend the money belonging to Hindu temples for Hindu Dharma only. The revenue earned by the Government from the citizens through taxes is misappropriated. Instead of stopping the corruption of this money, the Government is spending money earned by looting the Hindu temples for its projects. To stop this practice, Hindus should make efforts through legal means.

Hindus should fight in legal ways to liberate Hindu temples from the control of the Government the realising harmful effects of Government take-over of the temples.

Thrissur (Kerala) – Laws are being infringed for transferring a large amount of money to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund from fixed deposits of Guruvayur temple. The All India Sabarimala Action Council responded that the Guruvayoor Devaswom Board’s decision to pay Rs 5 crore is a challenge to the law and the devotees.

  1. Devotees contribute to the Relief Fund and participate adequately in relief work. But taking the wealth of God as a shortcut for finding lumpsum amount is a great crime. The Action Council has warned that devotees will not be able to accept this decision for any reason and there will be a strong protest.
  2. The Government led by Pinarayi Vijayan in Kerala is implementing the Marxist party’s policy of grabbing temple money while devotees are in lockdown. Earlier, the attempt to extort money from the Travancore Devaswom was prevented by the timely intervention of devotees and Hindu organisations.
  3. While the money from temples is being transferred to Government Treasury, the worship places of other religions are excluded. Can this be called Secularism ? Aren’t Hindus being fooled by the Marxist Government ? Such moves won’t be tolerated by devotees anymore, said S J R. Kumar, National General Secretary of All India Sabarimala Action Council.