Hyderabad : Religious fanatics lodge complaint against Hindu vegetable stall-owners for displaying saffron flags

Police initiate inquiry into complaint

Is this country Pakistan where to write ‘Hindu’ words or display saffron flag on shops owned by Hindus in the Hindu-majority country is a crime ?

If Hindus were to lodge any such complaint against religious fanatics, would the Police have taken even a cognisance of such complaint ?

Hyderabad (Telangana) – A vegetable stall-owner in Attapur displayed saffron flag on his shop. A complaint was lodged against the shop-owner by Azam Nawaz on Twitter with the Police alleging religious discrimination and demanding action against the vegetable stall-owner. Later, the Police started investigation.

Bihar Police book Bajrang Dal men for installing Saffron flags at Hindu shops

Nalanda (Bihar) – The Police in Bihar’s Nalanda District have booked several people on charges of ‘outraging other community’s religious feelings’ by asking Hindu shopkeepers to install saffron flags at their shops. The complaint says the Bajrang Dal members were also asking Hindus to buy fruits, vegetables and groceries only from Hindu-owned shops or shops sporting saffron flags. Two names of “Bajrang Dal members” indulging in the above-stated acts, namely Kundan Kumar and Dheeraj Kumar were informed to the Police. They have been booked under IPC sections 147, 149, 188, 153A, 295A and Section 66 of the IT Act.

Police give arrogant reply to journalists

When the journalists posed a question as to why they booked Kundan Kumar and Dheeraj Kumar under IPC sections 147, 149, 188, 153A, 295A and Section 66 of the IT Act. The Police station in-charge Ranjit Rai asked journalists to search it on Google. (A complaint should be lodged with the senior Police officers against such arrogant officer and he should be punished for such behaviour. – Editor) The section 295 (A) is applicable only for hurting the religious sentiments. (An action should be taken against the Police for registering an offence against irrelevant section when no crime was committed under the section. – Editor)