Do not feel afraid of the increasing coronavirus outbreak; strengthen your inner-self by taking autosuggestions !

Request to readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus !

The coronavirus infection has spread to most of the world, including India. This has disrupted public life and created a frightening environment. In such a situation, personality defects such as the mind getting disturbed due to minor reasons, anxiety, discomfort due to fear may manifest. Taking appropriate autosuggestions on these will help to come out of the situation. In this regard, the following autosuggestions can be taken to enhance inner power and become stable.

1. Episode : Feeling afraid that I will be infected with the coronavirus.

1A. Autosuggestion : ‘Whenever I feel afraid at the thought of getting infected with the coronavirus, I will remind myself that ‘I am taking all the care that is needed’ and I will chant and pray most of the time throughout the day and remain in Sat’.

2. Episode : Fear that I will die if I get infected by coronavirus.

2A. Autosuggestion : ‘Whenever I think that I will die if I get infected by coronavirus, I will realise that the disease is mild in 80% of the patients who are infected with the coronavirus and I will remain optimistic. I will take proper care of my health by following the instructions given by the family, well-wishers and Government administration’.

3. Episode : Feeling worried about my daughter whose cold/fever is not getting cured despite medication.

3A. Autosuggestion : ‘When my daughter has cold/fever for many days, I will realise that a cold/fever is not necessarily caused by the coronavirus infection every time, and by having faith in God, I will give her medicines as prescribed by the doctors and keep informing them about her condition regularly’.

4. Episode : Feeling anxious that my family cannot travel to see me because of coronavirus pandemic.

4A. Autosuggestion : ‘Whenever I feel anxious that my family cannot travel to see me, I will understand that for everyone’s safety it is beneficial not to travel during the pandemic. These are tough times, and I will take care of health by following the safety instructions given by the Government to ensure that I and my family do not get infected with coronavirus’.

5. Episode : Due to the lockdown there is a scarcity of essential commodities (milk, cereals, medicines, etc.); therefore, worrying if I will get these commodities.

5A. Autosuggestion : ‘Whenever I get worried that will I be able to get these essential commodities because of their scarcity presently, I will realise that the Government of India has arranged to distribute all commodities to all citizens at home. Therefore, I will become relaxed and focus on chanting and praying’.

6. Method of taking autosuggestions

If you have any of the above inappropriate thoughts, tension or worry, take the related autosuggestion for 15 days or until your thoughts reduce. These autosuggestion sessions should be performed 5 times a day. Take one autosuggestion 5 times during each session.

7. Concentrate while taking autosuggestions and experience the reduction of inappropriate thoughts within a short period !

Many people have experienced that by taking autosuggestions on attaining concentration, the suggestions inculcate sanskars (Subconscious impressions) and the tensions and worries reduce within a short period. Therefore, take autosuggestions with concentration. If the autosuggestion session could not be taken with concentration due to useless thoughts, they can be taken by reading the autosuggestion written on paper. This will automatically reduce the attention to useless thoughts and autosuggestion sessions would be effective. Be careful not to disturb others by reading out the autosuggestions loudly.

If thoughts other than the one’s mentioned above are causing stress, tension, anxiety, etc., you can take autosuggestion on those too.

(To eliminate psychological problems, taking autosuggestion is a part of the process for removal of personality defects. Detailed information on the entire process for removal of personality defects is given in Sanatan’s Text – ‘Removal of Personality defects and Ego [Volume 7]’)

Increase your spiritual practice with the faith that God is going to protect us in the present adversity !

– Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.