Due to the lockdown all over India, prepare the ‘Nirgun’ Name-strips on your own for using as a remedy on Kundalini-chakras from 1 April 2020 !

From 1st April 2020 to 30th June 2020, Nirgun Name-strips are to be used on the Sahasrar and Vishuddha chakras. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the entire country is under complete lockdown which may last for a while. Hence, the Nirgun Name-strips will not be sent to the Districts. Considering the importance of these spiritual remedies for seekers, some alternatives are given ahead.



1. Use the previously printed (but undamaged) Nirgun Name-strips if available.

2. Print the Nirgun Name-strips if you have a printer at home. Its artwork is available on the usual web link.

3. If Name-strips are not available, get it written on a piece of paper from a seeker staying nearby who is at the spiritual level of 61% or a seeker who has bhav (Spiritual emotion), but does not have any spiritual distress.

4. If none of the above is possible, pray with bhav and write ‘Nirgun’ in your own handwriting on a piece of paper.

The Name-strips can be placed in a small plastic pouch and be used for remedies. Considering the importance of spiritual remedies during the adverse times, select any of the above options for the remedies.

O’ Seekers ! Obtain the Guru’s grace by performing spiritual remedies, which are lifesaving in the adverse times !