The Teachings of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj

Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj (Sanatan Sanstha’s seat of faith)

The significance of 108 beads in a mala (Rosary).

Question : Why are there a hundred and eight beads in a mala (Rosary) used by Hindus ?

Answer : Lust, anger, greed, attachment, arrogance and jealousy are the six foes (known as shadaripu) of the embodied soul. At a time, any two may be dominant. Hence, lust, lust-anger, lust-greed, lust-attachment, lust-arrogance, lust-jealousy, form six sub-parts for each one of them.

The thirty-six subdivisions thus formed, can be qualified chiefly by any one of the three basic components in the universe – Sattva, Raja or Tama; for example – lust-anger-Sattva, lust-anger-Raja and lust-anger-Tama. Thus, 36 x 3 = 108 further subdivisions are formed. Each bead of a mala represents one of these. Finally, the mala is made up of 109 beads, the last one being called Merumani.

The spiritual emotions generated with each bead are components of Navavidha Bhakti (Nine-fold devotion).

(Reference : Sanatan’s Holy text – ‘The Teachings of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj)