Statement issued by Canada Police

Claimed, “1985 incident of Air India Kanishka Bombing is still under investigation !”

It is indeed shameful that in an advanced country like Canada, a 39 year old bombing incident is still undergoing investigation !

Indian High Commission officials pay tribute to those killed in Kanishk plane bomb blast

Ottawa (Canada)– The Canadian police have stated that the investigation of the 1985 Air India Kanishka Bombing incident is still ongoing. They claim it to be “the most prolonged and complex ‘domestic terrorism’ investigation.” On the 39thanniversary of this incident, the Indian Consulates in Canada have organized memorial events to pay respect to the victims. The police have made their statement in this context. On June 23, a tribute event was held at the Air India Memorial in the Capilano Playground area of Stanley Prk in Vancouver, Canada. Simultaneously, a memorial tribute was paid at the Queens Park South Lawn in Toronto.

1. On June 23, 1985, the Air India Kanishka aircraft was supposed to land at London’s Heathrow Airport, but it exploded before landing. All 329 people on board were killed, most of whom were Canadian citizens of Indian origin.

2. In a statement issued by Assistant Commissioner David Teboul, it was mentioned that the investigation into the Air India aircraft incident is the longest and certainly one of the most complex domestic terrorism investigations in our history, and our investigation is ongoing. The impact of this bombing has not diminished over time. The explosion has affected future generations. We must never forget the innocent lives lost in other acts of terrorism.

Canada’s image has already been tarnished irrespective of the façade which the police are trying to maintain through such statements. Doesn’t the arrogant Trudeau Government, running on the Khalistanian support, understand this?