Increase in incidents like Love Jihad due to Hindus giving up sadhana and kshatratej : Yati Ma Chetanand Saraswati, Mahant, Dasna Peeth

Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024) : Pitiable condition of Hindus in various States

Yati Ma Chetanand Saraswati, Mahant, Dasna Peeth, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

Ramnath Devasthan, Goa – Post independence, the values of some Hindu women have fallen so low that they are willingly going with the adharmis. The seeds of Love Jihad are planted through Islamic funding to movies. There is a narrative being set that Hindu Dharma has accorded a low status to women. An attempt is being made to show that Hindu Dharma is backward. Looking at the history of Indian women, we find that there have been many heroines and scholars in history. If Hindu girls had been given education in Hindu Dharma, the crisis of Love Jihad would not have arisen. Presently, not only Hindu girls, but married women are also victims of love jihad.

After Yogi Adityanath’s government came to power in Uttar Pradesh, incidents of molestation of Hindu girls have come under control, but haven’t stopped. It is our biggest mistake that Hindus don’t have Shatrubodh (understand the modus operandi of the enemies). Hindus should at least teach Shatrubodh to their own families. Incidents like love jihad have increased as Hindus have given up sadhana (Spiritual practice) and kshatratej (Radiance of a warrior). In the current Lok Sabha elections, 37 MPs of the Samajwadi Party were elected. So the near future is going to be filled with struggles. Yati Ma Chetanand Saraswati appealed that Hindus should be ready to fight this battle. She was speaking on the issue of Love Jihad in Uttar Pradesh and its solutions.

Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav provides energy to serve Dharma

The Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav provides the energy necessary to work for Dharma. The Dharmabodh (Guidance on Dharma) received in this Mahotsav helps one serve Dharma competently in their own spheres. This Mahotsav is reviving Sanskars. Hindus should obtain energy to serve Dharma from this Mahotsav. This Mahotsav teaches how to selflessly dedicate oneself to the service of Dharma. Yati Ma Chetananda Saraswati said that if we dedicatedly serve Dharma, then Hindu Dharma will be established over the entire world and not just in India.

Do not share the identity of women on social media

In many places, Hindu women share their information on social media. The press also broadcasts the identity of those girls who are victims of Love Jihad. This poses a threat to the lives of these young women from Jihadi terrorists. Yati Ma Chetanand Saraswati appealed that Hindu women, as well as others should not broadcast the identity of women on social media under any circumstance.