Khalistani terrorists are harming not only India, but also Canada

Chandra Arya, Canadian MP of Indian-origin, slams Canadian Government in the Parliament

Chandra Arya

Ottawa (Canada) – Indian-origin MP Chandra Arya reminded the Canadian Parliament of the plane destroyed in the air by Khalistani terrorists. He said, “Khalistani terrorists are not only harming India, but also Canada.” A year after the death of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a tribute was paid to him in the Canadian Parliament. Arya was responding to that incident.

Arya further said that Khalistani supporters are encouraging violence in the country. June 23rd is the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism. 39 years back, on this day, Air India Flight 182 was blown up mid-air by a bomb planted by Canadian Khalistani extremists. It killed all 329 passengers and crew members and is the largest mass killing in the Canadian history. Of the dead, 268 were Canadian nationals, 27 British and 24 Indian nationals. The recent celebration of the assassination of Hindu Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by Khalistan supporters, glorifying violence and hate, shows that the dark forces have been energised again and point to dreadful times ahead.

Chandra Arya has organised a programme to commemorate the victims of the above incident that happened on 23rd June 1985. The event will be held at 12 noon at the memorial site near Dow Lake in the capital city of Ottawa and Queen’s Park in Ontario.