Indira Gandhi is ‘Mother of India’ : Suresh Gopi, Union Minister and BJP’s MP from Kerela

Union Minister Suresh Gopi BJP’s first MP from Kerala. (Credit – ETV Bharat)

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerela) – Suresh Gopi, who was elected as BJP’s first MP from Kerala, and subsequently became the Union Minister, referred to Indira Gandhi as the ‘Mother of India’. He also called K Karunakaran, late former Chief Minister of Kerala, an ‘able administrator’. He also addressed senior Marxist leader E K Nayanar as his ‘Political Guru’. Suresh Gopi said that ‘both these leaders from Kerala, i.e., K Karunakaran and E K Nayanar, have influenced my political journey’. He was speaking to the media at Karunakaran’s memorial ‘Murli Mandiram’ in Poonkunnam, Kerala. He visited here after taking oath as the Union Minister.

Editorial Perspectives

Indira Gandhi had ordered firing on the Sadhus agitating outside the Parliament house non-violently, demanding a ban on cow slaughter. How can such person be the ‘Mother Of India’ ?

Gopi’s statement explains how he won in Kerala despite being a BJP candidate.