Hindu woman assaulted by Muslim in-laws for refusing to give an Islamic name to her newborn

Muslim man had pretended to be a Hindu to marry the victim

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) – A Hindu woman was brutally assaulted by her Muslim in-laws as she refused to give an Islamic name to her newborn baby. Her husband threatened her of rape by his friends and of killing her. Based on her complaint, the Police registered a case against the husband Shahid Ahmed, mother-in-law Shabnam and sister-in-law Saniya, their relatives, Wasim Akhtar, Nouman and Faizal Khan. They arrested the husband, the mother-in-law and the sister-in-law.

1. In this case, the victim woman and her husband were working at a call centre in 2019. The boy introduced himself as a Hindu boy named Raj.

2. Both came close and decided to get married. During this period, she visited Raj’s home. She discovered that he was a Muslim, and his name was Shahid. After this revelation, the girl refused to marry but Shahid promised to convert to Hindu Dharma. Both got married.

3. Everything was fine after marriage, but problem came up when the girl gave birth to a baby. The woman wanted to give a Hindu name to the baby while the in-laws wanted an Islamic name.

4. The victim woman reminded Shahid of his promise when there was coercion from the in-laws. They beat her up and abused her.

Editorial Perspective

This is a clear case of Love Jihad. The Police must take serious action and conduct thorough investigations, so that such cases of deception do not repeat.