15% increase in Pakistan’s defense expenditure

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Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan, despite being on the brink of bankruptcy, presented its 1.888 billion Pakistani rupees budget in its Parliament. Converted to Indian rupees, this amount is INR 5 lakh 65 thousand crore. The defense budget has been increased by 15% compared to the previous year. Earlier, Pakistan was spending Rs 1,804 billion on defense; but this time it is planning to spend Rs 2 thousand 122 billion.

Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb presented the budget for the next financial year. The Government estimates that Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP) will grow at a rate of 3.6%. Last year, Pakistan estimated a growth rate of 3.5%; but they failed to achieve it. Pakistan’s growth rate was at 2.38%. The Government anticipates inflation to be more than 12%.

Government enterprises to be handed over to the private sector

Finance Minister Aurangzeb said in the Parliament that the Government is trying to privatise enterprises. Government’s job is not to do business. The Government has increased the minimum wage from Rs 32,000 to Rs 36,000. This step will bring relief to the working class. The Government has also considered salaries of Government employees, which have been increased by 20% to 25%.

Editorial Perspective

Pakistan’s condition is such that its citizens are finding it difficult to get food. Even then, the Government of Pakistan increases military expenditure, and its citizens have no problem with that. This shows the mentality of Pakistanis.