Muslim youth attacks six Jain Sadhvis in Bharuch, Gujarat

Hooliganism among religious fanatics !

Courtesy : OpIndia

Bharuch (Gujarat) – A Muslim youth named Altaf Hussain Sheikh attacked six Jain Sadhvis walking on the road here. Before the attack, the accused had been following them for a long time. He kicked the Sadhvis down and then beat them up with his belt. The incident was reported to the Police. Police reached the scene and took Altaf Hussain Sheikh into custody. Police are investigating the case further.

According to the information received, six Shwetambar Sadhvis were going to ‘Jain Sadhvi Vihara’ from Bharuch. Altaf Hussain Sheikh from Mohammadpura started chasing them on the road and then started intimidating them. When they told Altaf to stay away, he attacked a Sadhvi. He kicked them down. After they fell on the ground, he attacked everyone with his belt. A passerby rescued the Sadhvis and informed the villagers and Police about the incident.

Editorial Perspective

As communists and pseudo-seculars have spread the myth of ‘Muslims unsafe in India’, Muslims are safely committing crimes by taking advantage of this myth.