US elections : Indian origin Purnima Nath nominated as Republican candidate from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US

Purnima Nath (Credits : X @PurnimaNath)

Milwaukee (USA) – Purnima Nath of Indian origin is running for the election of the US Parliament as the Republican Party candidate. In the coming August, the primaries (the first phase of party elections) are being held in the United States, while the main presidential elections will be held in November. Owing to this, Purnima Nath is running for the fourth constituency from the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She said that she considers herself an ‘unapologetic Hindu’ while talking to the Assistant Editor of Sanatan Prabhat over phone. She also said that she is fighting to bring forth the pain of Hindus in America, and that she will work for the welfare of the Hindu community there.

Nath has announced through a press release that she has received the nomination of the Republican Party. It says,

1. Nath is a staunch supporter of national security, no terrorism, border protection, etc.

2. As a legal immigrant, she brings unique insights into geopolitical matters that directly impact our lives, education, and economic well-being, our communities are facing serious challenges.

3. Political correctness has crept into our society, and as a consequence, people are hurting, she stated. Divisive politics are dangerous for ordinary citizens and that we must focus on developing our communities. She is committed for the development of Hindu community there.

Nobody cares about Hindus in American politics : Purnima Nath

While speaking with Sanatan Prabhat, Nath said, “I am running in this election as a staunch Hindu. I want to raise the issues of Hindus in America at the international level. Only the rights of whites and blacks are spoken of here, while nobody cares about brown people (Hindus). Hindus are living as a tiny minority here.”

About Purnima Nath

With an MBA from the prestigious Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business (which ranks third in the US) and a background in engineering, Nath has served as a management consultant for various multinational corporations. Currently, she runs an NGO called ‘Spindle India’ and is also the producer of the cultural program India Fest Milwaukee. She is invited as a commentator on ‘International Politics’ and ‘Geopolitics’ in seminars conducted on various Indian news channels. She considers the famous 20th century Saint of Bengal ‘Sri Sri Kaivalyanath Ram Thakur’ as her Guru.

Editorial Perspective

Congratulations to Purnima Nath who is working overseas for the welfare of Hindus ! Such Hindus are the real strength of the Hindu Dharma !