Friendship marriage, marriage without love, gains popularity in Japan

  • People who desire freedom after marriage prefer this concept
  • No need for physical intimacy or love between husband and wife


Courtesy : News9

Tokyo (Japan) – According to Hindu Dharma, marriage is the union of two souls. This is a profound concept. However, society has moved away from this ideal. One such trend is ‘live-in relationships’ (cohabitation without marriage). Now, a new trend is emerging in Japan called ‘friendship marriage’. In this type of marriage, the officially recognised husband and wife are there, but there is no need for physical intimacy or love between them. Even after marriage, those who seek freedom from commitment are attracted to such unions.

1. According to the South China Morning Post, about 1% of people in Japan have preferred such marriages. After such marriages, couples can choose to live together or separately. If they wish, they can even have children through artificial insemination.

2. A person who opted for such marriage said that ‘friendship marriage’ is like choosing a compatible roommate. In such marriages, household expenses and chores are distributed between the husband and wife.

3. Couples spend several hours or days together before marriage. During this time, they discuss many things openly. According to a report, those over 32 years old prefer such marriages.

Editorial Perspective

It is important to note that such distorted practices are becoming popular due to extreme level of self-centredness. As much a person craves for so-called freedom, that much unhappy and insecure he would become and end up in the abyss.