Muslim women attack female police officer and other personnel in police station

An incident in Bengaluru

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Bengaluru (Karnataka) – A group of Muslim women who had come to file a complaint attacked a female police sub-inspector and other policemen at Gyanbharati police station. Three women have been arrested in this incident, named Ayesha Taj, Fauzia and Arbin Taj.

There was an argument between these women and Shoaib regarding money. In this regard, they along with Nasir had come to the police station to file a complaint; and instead created ruckus in police station. On the intervention by a female police sub-inspector Surekha asking them to leave the place if the complaint is not to be registered, the women argued and beat her up as well as other policemen. On arresting the women, they misled the police giving false names and addresses. While checking the Aadhaar Card their true names were revealed.

Editorial Perspective

Religious fanatic Muslims repeatedly take the law into their hands causing disruption in order, since since last year. Hindus should Must ponder upon why this is so.