Khalistanis attack on Indian consulate in 2023 : US take action after 1 year

Washington DC (USA)

In connection with the Khalistani attack that took place on the Indian Consulate in San Francisco on 18th March 2023, the US Government has initiated the process of issuing a lookout notice against 10 accused.

US’ investigation agency FBI said, ‘The Khalistani organisations involved in this attack will no longer be considered as protestors but will be prosecuted as criminals’. The FBI has identified several such organisations, and it plans to prosecute them under the relevant criminal laws. Surprisingly, earlier the activities of such pro-Khalistan organisations were categorised under freedom of expression by the US.

During the attack, Khalistanis had tried to break into the Indian Consulate and set it on fire. The Consulate was damaged in the attack, while some officials were injured. Even after this, on 1st July 2023 midnight, Khalistanis again entered the Consulate and tried to set it on fire.

FBI officials said that it is necessary to obtain biometrics (information such as fingerprints) in addition to the names and passports of the Khalistani criminals. This information will make it easier to trace them.

The FBI is also investigating the sources of funding for Khalistani organisations. It has already been revealed that supporters of Khalistani organisations are involved in crimes like smuggling.

Editorial Perspective

How will anyone believe in the action taken by the US after one year of the incident ? It is necessary to check if the US is pretending to take action just to show to the world and India. One should remember that the US has never been India’s friend.