Judiciary under threat; it is necessary to safeguard the judiciary from political and commercial pressure

More than 600 lawyers write to the CJI

New Delhi – A letter has been written by more than 600 senior advocates including former Solicitor General Harish Salve to Chief Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud under the title ‘Preserving the independence of Judiciary : Protecting against Political and Professional influence’.

It has been stated in the letter that,

1. Honourable Chief Justice, we are sharing our great concern with you. A vested interest group has been trying to put pressure on the judicial system to further its political agenda based on frivolous accusations and to defame the Courts. Their antics are vitiating the harmony and trust which characterises the functioning of the judiciary.

2. Their pressure tactics are most common in political cases, especially against the political figures accused of corruption. Such tactics are damaging to our Courts and threaten our democratic fabric.

3. This group creates false narratives of the golden era of Courts and compares it with the happenings in the present. Their comments are aimed at influencing Courts’ decisions and embarrassing them for political gains.

4. A few advocates fight legal cases to defend politicians by the day and then try to influence judges through the media at night. They have concocted a theory of ‘Bench fixing’ (bringing a case for hearing before certain judges) which is not only disrespectful and contemptuous but an attack on the honour and dignity of the Courts.

5. Honourable judges are also attacked and defamed by saying false things about them. They have stooped to the level of comparing our Courts to the countries where there is no rule of law and accuse our judicial institutions of unfair practices.

6. The critics have adopted an approach where they hail the decisions which are as per their expectations, but Courts are criticised if the Court’s decision goes against them. Such double-standard in their behaviour is harmful to the respect the common man should have for our legal system.

7. Some people spread false information about the concerned judges in connection with their cases on social media to put pressure on judges, for passing verdicts in a particular way. It is harmful to the transparency of our Courts and an attack on legal principles. They
do such things at such a time when the country is heading for elections. We have seen a similar happening in 2018-19.

To browbeat and bully others is vintage Congress culture : PM Modi

New Delhi – ‘Congress has cultivated a culture of browbeating and bullying. 5 decades ago, they were talking about commitment of judiciary. Now they naively want the commitment of others for their own selfish ends. But the Congressmen have nothing to do with the nation. It is no surprise that 140 crore Indians are rejecting them’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has criticised the Congress regarding the letter of 600 advocates.