Allow worship of the well inside Shahi Eidgah mosque at the Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi

  • Hindus demand to the Allahabad High Court
  • The well was built by Vajranabha, the great-grandson of Deity Shrikrushna

Mathura (UP) – The Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi Mukti Nyas, petitioner in Mathura’s Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi case, approached the Allahabad HC on Wednesday, seeking permission for Holi worship of the ‘Krishna Koop’ (well) near the staircase at the Shahi Eidgah mosque in Mathura. It has been mentioned in this petition that the Muslim party is constantly disrupting the worship here. The worship should be conducted smoothly.

1. This well is religiously important to Hindus and was built by Deity Shrikrushna’s great-grandson Vajranabha. At this well, women worship Deity Sheetalamata after Holi. This is called ‘Basoda Puja’. This worship has been going on for a long time; but ever since the Hindus started surveying the birthplace of Shrikrushna and other demands, this worship has been interrupted by the Muslims. Now the administration has to deploy a large Police force to perform this worship. The same thing happened last year.

2. Mahendra Pratap Singh, President of Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi Mukti Nyasa, has filed a petition in this regard in the Allahabad High Court. The well inside the mosque of the Shahi Eidgah has long been worshipped by Hindus, but now Muslims are disrupting it.

3. Mahendra Pratap Singh said that there is no ban on worshipping this well, but Muslims are protesting. Here Hindus perform the ‘mundan’ ritual of their children. A petition filed seeking the right of Hindus to worship regularly here is likely to be heard on 13th March. Shahi Eidgah-Shrikrushna Janmabhoomi’s case will also be heard on this day.