The Supreme Court should not become a ‘tarikh-pe-tarikh’ Court

Chief Justice Dhananjay Chandrachud urges the advocates

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New Delhi – Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud urged lawyers on Friday to not seek adjournments in fresh matters. “Unless it is very, very necessary, please don’t file the adjournment slips…I don’t want this Court to be a tarikh-pe-tarikh’ Court,” the CJI, said.

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Chief Justice further said,

1. In the last two months, 3,688 applications were received for postponement of hearing. We do not want this Court to become a date-giver.

2. Justice Chandrachud said now, with the help of lawyers’ bodies, the time gap in the listing of fresh matters after their filing in the top court has been significantly reduced. He, however, rued the fact that after their listing before the benches, lawyers seek adjournments, which sends a bad signal to the outside world.

3. For 3rd November, we have 178 adjournment slips. For each miscellaneous day since October, 150 adjournment slips were there on each day, and from September to October, 3,688 adjournment slips were circulated.. he said, adding, this defeats the very purpose of expediting the case.