India and Pakistan did not exchange greetings with each other on Independence Day this year

Islamabad (Pakistan) – India and Pakistan did not wish with each other on their respective Independence Days this year. This has happened for the first time in the past 75 years. Pakistan celebrates its independence on August 14th, while India’s Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August. However, this tradition of exchanging greetings on each other’s Independence Days has now come to an end. It is noted that the relations between India and Pakistan have further deteriorated. Both the nuclear-armed neighbours have discontinued the tradition of exchanging greetings on their respective Independence Days. From this, it is apparent that the relations between these two countries have worsened.

Pakistan’s news channel ‘Geo News’ has stated that the current aggressive approach of the Indian leadership is the fundamental reason behind the deterioration of relations between both countries. (This is a situation where ‘The pot is calling the kettle black.’ What was supposed to be done by India 75 years ago is being done now and this has caught Pakistan off guard!” – Editor) Ever since the BJP came to power in India and Prime Minister Modi took office, the relations have deteriorated even further. (If Pakistan wants to have good relations with India, then it is necessary for them to behave properly. The entire world knows how Pakistan behaves with India! – Editor) In November 2016, India refused to participate in the SAARC summit held in Pakistan.

Editorial Viewpoint

The time when Pakistan would routinely continue its activities against India and India would quietly tolerate it is now over. This is what India is strongly enforcing now.