Three minor boys arrested for spitting on Bhagwan Mahakal’s Palkhi procession in Ujjain

Ujjain (MP) – An incident of spitting on a religious procession from the rooftop had occurred here. Three minors have been arrested in this matter. Their identity is not revealed as all three are minors. Devout Hindu Organisations have urged that along with taking action against them, the papers of the homes they live in should be investigated. On the 17th of July Bhagwan Mahakal’s Palkhi procession was taken out in Kharakua Colony. Thousands of devotees joined the procession. In the evening near Taki Chowk while the people were viewing the procession from the rooftops, a boy was seen spitting on the people in the procession from the roof top. People filmed this act and shared it on the social media. Thereafter, the Devout Hindu Organisations went to the Police station and filed a complaint and demanded investigation in this matter.

Muslims defend the minor boys

The 3 boys have been taken into custody by the Police in this matter of spitting on the Palkhi procession.  After this, numerous Muslims gathered at the Police station trying to explain and defend the boys’ actions.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is shameful that in a Hindu majority country people dare to act in this manner during a Hindu religious procession.

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