Radical Muslims attack Shiva temple with swords and sticks at Umreth, Gujarat

Attack was a result of anger for Hindus who opposed teasing minor Hindu girls

(Credit : OpIndia)

Umreth (Gujarat) – On the night of 4th June, radical Muslims attacked Chandramaulishwar Mahadev temple with swords and sticks. The culprits were angered due to an argument that broke out between Hindus and Muslims after a few radical Muslims teased some minor Hindu girls. The Police have arrested eight individuals so far and search is on for the remaining accused.

Police refuse to register a complaint

Two minor Hindu girls were riding a two-wheeler. One of them got down at her home where two radical Muslims teased her and held her hand. When she started shouting, locals came running and Muslims ran away. When the girls and their parents went to the Police station to register a complaint, the Police refused to take their complaint. The parents alleged that the Police were trying to save the culprits.

On the same night, Heer Patel and his friend were discussing the teasing incident. Radical Muslim present nearby heard their discussion and started arguing with them. Radical Muslims brought swords and sticks and attacked the Shiva temple subsequently. The street lights were switched off suddenly during the attack. (Such Police personnel should be suspended and charged for such crimes; only then others will learn a lesson. – Editor)

Please note : The following video is in Gujarati language. We intend to show the unity of Hindus through the video which will be evident through the visuals – Editor

(Credit : TV9 Gujarati)

Police station gheraoed due to arrest of Hindus

The Police have arrested eight individuals, of which some are Hindus. This angered Hindus and they gheraoed the Police station. Hindus also accused the Police sub-inspector of registering a false complaint against Hindu youth. (The Police are saving the perpetrators and punishing the victims. Hindus do not expect such behaviour, which is clear from the gherao. The Gujarat Government must seriously look into this case. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

In the BJP-ruled Gujarat State, how can radical Muslims dare to attack a Hindu temple ? Hindus want a strict action against these radical elements so that they cannot think of such Anti-Hindu activities in the future.

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