No traces of the Idol stolen from the ancient Shriram temple in Agra even after a fortnight

Agra (UP) – Eight Idols of metal and stone were stolen from the Shriram temple here 15 days ago. Despite a complaint filed with the Police, no trace of the Idols and thieves yet. Locals alleged that the Police were not serious about the same. Well-known traditional historical Dasara festival all over the nation commences from this Shriram temple and later it concludes after lighting fire to the effigy of Ravan in the city.

Religious fanatics’ shops surround the temple

Locals allege that the religious fanatic shopkeepers misbehave with devotees coming to offer worship. Women are harassed. They forbid devotees from offering Puja. The religious fanatics who have captured the premises of the temple by opening shops, were responsible for this behaviour. These religious fanatic tenants claim right over the entire temple. They swallow the donations offered in the temple. Devotees allege that they only might be the thieves of the idols.

Editorial perspective

Hindus think that such incidents are not expected in a State of UP ruled by the BJP.

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