95-year-old Mahant declared dead by the land mafia to grab his land worth crores of rupees in Ayodhya

Mahant Jugal Bihari Das

Ayodhya (UP) – The land mafia has forcefully grabbed the land worth crores of rupees belonging to Jugal Bihari Das, 95-year-old Mahant, of Hanumangarhi. Gauri Shankar has acquired this land by saying that the Mahant has passed away.

Mahant Jugal Bihari Das said, “the accused forcefully drove me out of my land. He threatened me with gun. I have been going through the Court for the past 10 years to get the land back, proving myself alive”.

The prices of land in Ayodhya have scaled up very high as a result of the upcoming completion of Shriram Mandir. BJP MP from Ayodhya, Lallu Singh had written a letter to the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath about the links between officials and land mafias and has demanded the formation of a special investigation team to look in to the matter.

Editorial viewpoint

Such land mafias must be punished to death.

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