BJP MP S Muniswamy reprimands a woman for not applying bindi despite her husband being alive !

Congress condemned incident !  

(Right side) BJP MP S Muniswamy

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – S Muniswamy (BJP MP Kolar constituency) attended an exhibition and sales fair. He reprimanded a woman selling clothes at a stall for not applying bindi. Muniswamy said to this woman, ‘Wear a bindi first.

Your husband is alive, isn’t he ? You have no common sense’. After that, Muniswamy asked his colleagues to give the woman a bindi. Controversy arose when the video of the incident went viral on social media. Congress has condemned this incident. Congress also criticised that ‘BJP’s culture can be seen from such incidents’. (It wouldn’t be incorrect if someone says that this criticism of Congress shows their mental disorder ! – Editor).

(Credit : India Today) 

Editorial viewpoint 

  • According to Hindu Dharma, a married woman is expected to apply kumkum or bindi on her forehead. It benefits the woman on a spiritual level. Hindu women do not follow this because they do not have education on Dharma ! 
  • If someone asks a married woman to wear kumkum or bindi, how is it wrong ? When someone asks Hindus to follow their Dharma, Congress and other progressives oppose it; but they oppose the ban on hijab in schools in Karnataka ! This reveals their hypocrisy ! 

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