Pak should not make the mistake of carrying out a military operation in Afghanistan

Ex-PM Imran Khan`s advice to Pak Govt !

Former Pak PM Imran Khan

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Condemning Pak Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah’s statement that Pakistan might target TTP hideouts on Afghanistan soil, Former Pak PM Imran Khan warned of deteriorating Afghan ties if the Taliban stops cooperating with Pakistan. It can lead to a “never-ending” war against terrorism. Therefore, Pak should not make an attempt to target Afghanistan, Imran Khan advocated for the Pak Government.

Imran Khan further said that Afghanistan is a neighbouring country and that Pak should have a good relationship with them. The Government should tell the truth and stop lying to the public. Just think, what will happen if Afghanistan stops the grazing aid ? Why is the Government threatening Afghanistan ? Why not discussing with them ? “We have a Government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,” say the locals. Can the Police fight against terrorism or not ? They don’t even have weapons.

(Credit : CNN-News18)

Editorial Viewpoint

Why doesn’t Imran Khan advise the Pakistan Government and its army to ‘not carry out jihadist terrorist activities in India’? Why did he not stop these activities when he was the Prime Minister himself ? Now Imran Khan is getting scared because the Taliban terrorists in  Afghanistan are retaliating. Therefore, he is giving such advice.

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