Fasting Jain monk dies while opposing Jharkhand Govt’s decision to turn Shri Sammed Shikharji into a tourism hub

Issue of  making Shri Sammed Shikharji, the Jain Holiest Pilgrim Centre, into a tourism hub

(Left side) Jain Muni Sugyesagar Maharaj

Ranchi (Jharkhand) – Jain Muni Sugyesagar Maharaj died on Tuesday after fasting for the last ten days since 25th December 2022 against the Jharkhand Government’s decision on the Shri Sammed Shikharji pilgrim centre. He died on  3rd January 2023.

Demonstrations are being held all over the nation in protest against the declaration of the Jharkhand Government to turn Shri Sammed Shikharji situated on Parasnath Hill, into a tourism hub. Parasnath Hill is well known as Sammed Shikhar. This happens to be the Holiest pilgrim Centre for the Jains.

(Credit : TIMES NOW)

Editorial viewpoint

This shows the anti-public and insensitive attitude of the Jharkhand Muki Morcha Government. A crime must be registered against the Government for killing a human being by creating a situation compelling him to take such a step of taking his own life.

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