Giving election tickets to women weakens Islam : Imam

Ahmedabad Gujarat Jama masjid imam`s claim

(Left side) Imam Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) – Imam Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui of Jama Masjid had appealed to Muslims to vote for a candidate that would represent Muslims in Jamalpur Constituency. Now he has made another statement saying those who give election tickets to women candidates are against Islam and are weakening Islam.

Imam Siddiqi said you have seen that no women are allowed in the mosque. If women were allowed to be in public spaces in Islam, then they would have also been allowed in the mosque too. Women are prohibited from entering the mosque because women have a place in Islam. Therefore, those who nominate women candidates in elections are revolting against Islam. He further asked, “Are there no men that you’re bringing women ?”

Editorial Viewpoints

Does Imam want to say that Islam is getting stronger by all the criticism it is receiving for practising triple talaq, Nikah halala with women, keeping women in a burqa, practising polygamy, abusing Hindu women through love jihad, jihadi terrorism, etc ? Imam should answer this !

(Nikah Halala means to have sexual relations with another man to remarry the divorced husband)

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