‘The last option to convert non-Muslims to Islam is to wage war !’

Professor of Islam at Qatar University Dr Shafi Al Hajri’s statement !

Dr Shafi Al Hajri 

Doha (Qatar) – The Professor of Islam at Qatar University Dr Shafi Al Hajri recently extended his support for the collection of taxes from non-Muslims in the country in a programme on Al Rayyan TV channel in Qatar. He also asked to convert non-Muslims to Islam in 3 stages.

Prof. Dr Shafi Al Hajri said that in the first stage non-Muslims should be asked to accept Islam with love. They should be invited peacefully to the event of Islam education. If they do not listen then the Jizya tax should be imposed on them and they should be forced to accept Islam. Still, if they do not accept Islam, then in the final stage, Islam should be propagated by the force of the sword. He said that spreading Islam by the sword is moral and correct.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Islam has spread quickly in the world in the last 1,400 years just like Dr Shafi Al Hajri has stated. No one had accepted Islam willingly and happily, this is evident throughout history and also through the present conditions. Hence, even today the Jihadis have a similar mindset. 
  • There is no doubt that if the minority population increases in India, then the same situation will repeat here as well. In fact this is exactly what had recently happened to the Hindus in Kashmir !

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