Bollywood Actor Shahrukh Khan performed Umrah at Mecca

Religious fanatic Muslims trolled him on social media for Idol worship

(Umrah means taking darshan)

New Delhi – Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan shared a photo of him performing umrah in Mecca on his Instagram profile for which he is receiving backlash from some Muslims. Hajj can only be performed at a specific time of the year but umrah can be performed anytime.

  1. A social media user named Amaal criticised him and wrote, Shahrukh also worships Idols. He keeps Idols in his house. There is no greater sin than polytheism.
  2. Another user on Twitter named Riz wrote, but his earnings are from Cinema field so as per Islam it’s haram, then how come his umrah would be accepted ?
  3. A user named Maruf wrote, Shahrukh is half-Hindu half-Muslim. He is not a complete Muslim to perform umrah.

Editorial Viewpoint

Hindus practice sarvadharma samabhav which means treating all religions equally and with respect. However, we have seen time and again that other religions do not practice this. Secularists and liberals always keep mum on this.

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