Terrorist organisation Islamic Resistance Council claims responsibility for the Mangaluru blast !

Threatened to avenge terrorist Shariq’s arrest !

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – Islamic Resistance Council (IRC), a jihadi terrorist organisation, has claimed responsibility for the bomb blast in a rickshaw that took place a few days ago in Mangaluru. Additional Director of Police Alok Kumar said that the Police are verifying the authenticity of this claim.

1. In a post circulated on social media, the terrorist organisation said, ‘We, Islamic Resistance Council, would like to inform that our brother Mohammed Shariq attempted to attack a Hindu temple in Kadri, a fortress of saffron terrorists in Mangaluru. Although he did not actually succeed in his purpose, we still consider it a success in terms of effort and strategy, because the State and Central intelligence agencies could not trace our brother while he is absconding’.

2. Further, addressing Alok Kumar, the terror outfit said, ‘Alok Kumar your joy would be short-lived. You pay for your acts of dominance sooner. We are seeking revenge because open war has been declared against our religion. Oppressive laws are being passed to interfere with our religion’.

Shariq was going to carry out explosion in the RSS’ event !

The probe revealed that Shariq had initially planned a blast on 19th November at a children’s festival organised by Keshav Smriti Sankranti Samiti affiliated with the RSS. He had planned to enter the event by pretending to be a student, but later he had to change his plan. Around 10,000 children participated in this programme. Shariq had purchased a fake Aadhaar card and a SIM card with a Hindu name to fake his identity as a Hindu.

Editorial Viewpoint

Muslims are unsafe in the country’, the so-called secularists say, whereas in reality, people among them commit Jihadi terrorist activities, kill Hindu daughters by luring them into love trap, behead Hindus. When are they going to talk about it ?