‘No Chance’ of good relations with India as nationalist BJP Govt is in power : Former Pak PM Imran Khan

(Image credit : Hindustan Times)

Islamabad (Pakistan) – I would like to improve relations with India. But as long as BJP is in power in India, there is absolutely ‘no chance’ of this happening. Imran Khan, the former Pakistani Prime Minister, has argued that the BJP is more nationalist. In an interview with the British newspaper The Telegraph, he expressed this opinion.

Imran Khan said,

1. If the relationship between the two improves, ‘the benefits would be enormous’, Khan said; But Kashmir is the main impediment in this. He added further that, ‘All we know is that they should have a roadmap for the solution of the Kashmir (issue)’.

2. ‘I think it’s possible but the BJP Government is so hardline, they have a nationalistic stance on issues’. They have a nationalist stance on many fronts. He further told the newspaper, ‘It is frustrating as you have no chance (for a resolution) as they whip up these nationalistic feelings. And, once this genie of nationalism is out of the bottle it is very difficult to put it back in again’.

Editorial viewpoint 

Pakistan has had opportunity with Governments of other parties in India for the last 75 years; why didn’t it improve relations with India at that time ? India should tell Khan that Pakistan cannot improve relations with India through its policy of waging four wars with India, creating Jihadi terrorism, spreading hatred towards India, and bombing Indian  territories.

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