Thousands of fanatic Muslims become followers of Aftab’s Instagram account within 5 days !

  • Issue of Shraddha Walkar’s murder
  • Pakistanis also among the fanatic Muslim followers !
  • Shraddha’s defamation through very disgraceful posts on Instagram while praising Aftab !

New Delhi – Aftab Amin Poonawala killed his girlfriend Shraddha Walkar by throttling her; then cut her body into 35 pieces and kept them in a refrigerator. Later, he disposed of few of these pieces daily in a jungle. There has been a wave of anger throughout the country since this murder has been brought to light. On the other hand, thousands of people have visited and become followers of Aftab on his Instagram account by posting messages in his support. It has been observed that the followers posting messages in support are all fanatic Muslims, including Pakistani Muslims. They are making fun of Shraddha’s death through such messages. ‘How can the one who couldn’t belong to her parents, would belong to me’’, etc. Many messages are very disgraceful.

Some of the disgraceful messages posted by fanatic Muslims are given below

1. Amad Butt has posted a photo of a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl and written the girl looks fat. She can be eaten later.

2. Faizan Chaudhary has posted a picture of Aftab eating something, giving it the name of ‘Shraddha beef burger’.

3. Sayyada Fatima has prepared a Facebook group naming it as ‘Aftab Poonawala freeze posting’ that has 400 followers. She is portraying Aftab as a hero. She has also made ‘# love jihad’ for discussing this issue.

4. Shayan Khan has shared a post in which he says, come, I will take you to the cold of refrigerator.

Editorial viewpoints

  • It shows the barbaric mentality of Muslims ! Please note that those, who claim ‘Hindu Muslim bhai-bhai’ and give sermons to Hindus of ‘Sarva-Dharma-Sama-Bhav’, never say anything on such matters !
  • None of the Muslim organisations, their leaders, or religious leaders have condemned this incident and even Aftab’s relatives have vanished. Will it, therefore, be wrong to think that all these people have internal connections ?

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