17-year-old Muslim boy and 15-year-old Hindu girl arrested while running away for getting married !

Girl is two-and-half months pregnant

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Bhopal (MP) – A 15-year-old underage Hindu girl and a 17-year-old Muslim boy were caught by the Police in Vidisha while they were running away from the house to Sagar get married in Bhopal. It had come to light that the girl is two-and-half months pregnant. The boy has been handed over to the Bhopal Juvenile Justice Board and the girl to the Child Welfare Committee, Bhopal. The Muslim boy is a rickshaw driver. He was previously arrested in a matter of theft. He is addicted to drugs. The boy’s mother told me that since you came into my son’s life, his behaviour has started improving.

The boy and his mother were pressurising me to marry. The boy’s mother had also said that if he marries, the son will stop stealing and taking drugs. After this, she will also get the boy converted.

Editorial viewpoint

Owing to the lack of knowledge of Dharma, Hindu girls fall in the trap of Muslim boys and ruin their own life ! Hindu organisations should take an initiative to educate the Hindu girls about Dharma.

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