Electricity connection provided to the refugees from Pakistan !

Orders of the Delhi High Court to the Tata Power

New Delhi – Delhi High Court has given orders to Tata Power to provide electricity connection to the Hindu refugees from Pakistan residing in Delhi. They have been given Aadhaar cards, and the Indian Government has granted them a long-term visa to live in the country. Hence, on the basis of that, they can be provided electricity connection, said the High Court. Since the past few years, about 200 Hindu families are residing in Delhi.

Previously, the organisation providing electricity connection had asked them to provide land-owning proof. Currently, all the Hindus are residing on the Hindu protection Ministry’s land.

Editorial viewpoints

  • If the Pakistani Hindu refugees need to approach the High Court for an electricity connection, it is shameful to all the Hindus in India !
  • Indian Hindus neither do anything for the protection of the Hindu families in Pakistan nor do they help after they come as refugees to India. This can be done only by Hindus ! In contrast, when the Bangladeshi Muslims or the Rohingya Muslims come to India, the Indian Muslims support them !