Education not a business to earn profit : Supreme Court

Supreme Court puts the Andhra Pradesh Government’s decision to increase the education fee on hold !

New Delhi – The Supreme Court on Monday observed in a recent decision that education is not the business to earn a profit, and the tuition fees shall always be affordable. The Supreme Court has put the decision of the Andhra Government to increase the fees of the medical colleges on hold.

The Andhra Pradesh Government’s decision to hike the fee to Rs 24 lakh per annum. The students appealed in the Andhra Pradesh High Court against this decision. The Court noted that these factors are required to be considered by the Admission and Fee Regulatory Committee (AFRC) while reviewing the tuition fees. The Government then appealed in the Supreme Court against the decision of the High Court. A Bench of justices MR Shah and Sudhanshu Dhulia upheld Andhra Pradesh High Court’s order which set aside the State Government’s decision to increase the tuition fee 7 times more.

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