I know everyone’s house, wives and children : ‘Zomato delivery boy’ Nadeem’s threat !

New Delhi  –  Nadeem, a ‘delivery boy’ of online food vendor Zomato set his bike on fire in front of the Police station in the national capital. The Police station was also partially damaged in this fire. As this was happening Nadeem started throwing stones at the Police and he threatened everyone who gathered at the spot saying, ‘I know everyone’s house, wives and children’.

According to media reports, Mohammad Nadeem works as a ‘delivery boy’ for Zomato. He is a resident of Haujrani, Dehli. Just two days prior to this incident, a woman had lodged a Police complaint against Nadeem alleging that he was staring at her in Khan Market. Hence, the Police reprimanded Nadeem and then released him. But Nadeem raised a complaint against the Police saying that they had slapped him while he was in custody. The next day, Nadeem came back to the Police station with some petrol, doused his bike in it and set it on fire. Nadeem has been arrested for this incident and the Police are investigating this matter further. (Were the Police sleeping when he came to the station and set his bike on fire ? This is extremely shameful to the Police! – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

This incident shows how such religious fanatics collect people’s information while doing their job ! Now, there is no guarantee that they wouldn’t use this information for Love Jihad ?