Immediate actions which will prepare you for the forthcoming adverse times

Sanatan’s Sadguru (Dr) Mukul Gadgil

Russia-Ukraine are at war. We have been reading about the hardships faced by the Ukrainians due to this war. In future, if other countries also join in, it will not take long for the World War 3 to start ! The Russia-Ukraine war might have ended up preparing the Ukrainians to face World War 3 to some extent. Their army is training them to use weapons. Hence, the confidence of the Ukrainians has increased and they are now able to resist the Russian army with a lot of force. It has therefore become difficult for Russia to capture Ukraine. While this determination of the Ukrainians is admirable, it is only at the physical and mental level. The most important preparation that is necessary, is at the spiritual level !

From the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, Indians must learn how to face war in real life. If the World War 3 takes place, it will last many months. Hence, the important aspects to remember while preparing at the physical, psychological and spiritual level are given ahead. Start preparing with seriousness right away.

1. Preparation at the physical level

A. Our body must be fit to face difficult situations. For this, we must exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. Surya Namaskar is an appropriate exercise that strengthens the entire body. We should perform at least 12 Surya Namaskars daily.

Do a little running every day. We should be able to run for at least 5-10 minutes at a stretch. We should exercise regularly as per our ability and keep increasing it gradually every month.

B. Pranayam (Breathing exercises) should be performed daily. Pranayam helps us develop the ability to perform Kumbhak (Holding the breath for some time). This ability will come in handy if we need to rescue someone from water, smoke or a gas leak.

C. Knowing how to swim is essential.

D. Availability of food will be scant in the times of war. We may have to live without food for 1-2 days. To get used to such a situation, we must practice fasting at least once a day. We can practice this once a week by skipping one meal to start with. Later, we can assess if we are able to stay without food throughout the day and survive on water.

E. If we have any physical ailment, then get examined on time and get the required cure. Even minor pains should not be ignored. People above 40 years in age should get their routine medical, eye and dental checkup done. During the wartime, medical assistance will not be available easily.

F. If any ailments are detected during medical examination, advance tests and treatments should be done to stabilize the medical condition.

G. We should keep a record of our ailments, their probable causes, the medical treatment, supplements, diet, etc. Time of the re-testing should also be written down. Keep a record of what we are allergic to, such as medicine, food, dust.

H. We should maintain a ‘Health’ file with medical records, doctor’s prescriptions and reports related to our ailments. Group the records and file them ailment-wise and date-wise. Keep the most recent document on top. If possible, store photographs of important documents and reports in a mobile, pen-drive, etc.

I. In case of blood pressure problems, diabetes, etc, which may require long term medication, the required medicines should be procured and stored as per the advice of a doctor. Keep extra pair of devices that are essential for our daily use, such as spectacles, hearing aids. Likewise, keep sufficient stock of batteries required to power such devices. Make an ‘Emergency Kit’ of medicines.

2. Preparation at the psychological level

A. ‘Can I face a difficult situation?’ – think over this. If a difficult situation is faced by someone else, we should rehearse it by pondering – ‘What would I have done at that time?’ This will prepare us mentally; if it does happen to us, we will be prepared with the thought process and the necessary action.

B. If we cut or burn ourselves or see someone in such a situation, can we stomach it ? At such times, do we just panic, have fear or take remedial action ? We should ponder whether we run to help if we see an accident. In a real life situation, we should be able to consciously take responsibility.

C. If a small fire breaks out in our house or some where else, do we run away in fear or take action to extinguish the fire ? If we get puzzled in such situations, the required action will not strike us immediately (even if we have theoretical knowledge). Therefore, it is important to be strong-minded in such situations.

D. Think about this – ‘If someone bullies me, can I deal with it wisely ?’ We may have to fight a gangster in life. If someone known to us has a tiff with another, try to resolve it.

E. We need to inculcate an attitude of helping others; if we don’t, we should make efforts to develop it. Only if we possess such an attitude, God will send others to help us in our times of trouble.

F. Don’t remain isolated by nature. An isolated person finds it difficult to get help in an emergency. Therefore, we must develop the habit of mixing with everyone. We must have a habit of thinking about others.

G. We should have enormous love for our Motherland. She nurtures us just as our mother did. Therefore, we should always be grateful to our Motherland. Only then we will not hesitate to sacrifice our life for Her. This is what freedom fighters did, because of which we got our freedom. Only when we strongly love our Motherland, we will be able to fight against the enemy. This is what the Ukrainians are doing in the Russia-Ukraine war.

If we love our Motherland, we will not deceive our fellow beings for selfish reasons, nor will we be inclined to get into corrupt activities or take the enemy’s side. We will feel love for everyone in our Motherland. We will stand for our duties towards our country.

3. Preparation at the intellectual level

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4. Preparation at the spiritual level

A. Follow the Achardharma (Code of Righteous conduct) as laid down by Hindu Dharma. When we follow Achardharma, besides each action becoming sattvik and obtaining Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) we also go close to God. Adherence to Achardharma also helps in improving our worldly life. By following the principle of ‘truthfulness’, a person does not commit the sin of lying, but develops the virtues of morality and civility. God only protects such sattvik people in the difficult times.

B. Agnihotra should be performed daily at sunrise and sunset. If it is not possible to perform it 2-times-a-day, perform it at least once-a-day. Agnihotra will keep the environment around us germ-free, pure, filled with vital energy and sanctity.

If Agnihotra is performed daily in the house, the family will remain in good health, be disease-free, and due to the Chaitanya created, our family members will benefit spiritually too.

It has been observed that the people who performed Agnihotra regularly did not get infected with the Corona virus. Many countries today possess biological weapons that can spread infectious diseases. Agnihotra will help get protection against the diseases spread by biological weapons, as well as from the harmful radiation from atomic bombs.

C. To obtain God’s grace, we should chant the Name of our Deity of worship for at least 2 hours a day. If we do not have a specific Deity of worship, we should chant the Name of Shrikrushna – ‘Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevaya I’.

We should remember God in the times of distress as well as in our times of happiness, and remember that He is the only One who can save us in difficult times. When we become God’s devotee, a strong faith will develop in us that He will save us when we are in distress. We can thus remain calm even in difficult situations. Shrikrushna has promised – ‘My devotee shall not perish’.

D. We should protect Dharma. The Scriptures say – ‘One who is witness to the destruction of Dharma becomes a great sinner, but one who strives to protect Dharma becomes eligible for liberation’. Our Scriptures also say – ‘One who protects Dharma, is protected by Dharma (God) Himself’.

In today’s times, protecting Dharma is the most important aspect of Achardharma. Disciple Arjun was very dear to Guru Shrikrushna since he fought the Kauravas for the sake of Dharma. In short, if you strive to protect Dharma, God will bestow His grace on you. In today’s times, heretics and anti-Hindu groups are attacking Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Educate them first lawfully, but if they do not listen, oppose them legally.

– Sanatan’s Sadguru (Dr) Mukul Gadgil, Ph.D. (Ramnathi Ashram, Ponda, Goa)

In today’s times, protecting Dharma is the most important aspect of Achardharma. God will bestow His grace on you !