Temples and their wealth not being used properly for the progress of the society : Dr Suresh Haware

Statement made by Dr Suresh Haware, Ex-Chairman of Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi !

Nagpur (Maharashtra) – ‘There are 30 lakh temples across the country. Together they must be around 1 crore. The daily donation they receive is in crores; yet, due to monotony, lack of proper management, the temples and their wealth are not being used properly for the progress of the society. For this, universities should adopt the course Temple Management If the new generation takes up this task, these 30 lakh temples can bring a revolutionary change in the country Dr Suresh Haware, a nuclear scientist and Former President of Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi, said in an interview. He has also written a book on Temple Management.

He further said,

1. In order for this course to be adopted by the universities in the country, discussions have been held with Vice-Chancellors of some of the universities like Nagpur, Amravati, Pune and Vidyalankar University, Mumbai.

2. If the course MBA in Temple Management  is commenced, it will lead to the creation of a smart generation in this field. The property of the temples will be appropriately utilised for the society along with the creation of massive employment opportunities and will bring about a revolutionary change in the country.

3. The temples should be service-oriented and society-oriented. (Hindus want the temples to be Dharma-oriented – Editor) Good management is needed to run social programmes through all temples. It can be achieved only through the curriculum. (There are social or charitable organisations to conduct social programmes; but none to protect the Dharma. Curriculum related to temples should be Dharma-centric ! – Editor)

4. If the temples are utilised properly, those who ask, Why do we need a donation box?', will get an answer. (Donations to the temple should be used only for Dharmik activities, protection of the Dharma, and Dharmic awareness ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Temples are associated with Hindu Dharma. Therefore, it would be appropriate to use them for religious activities rather than the progress of the society !
  • Today, Dharma is on the decline and attempts are being made to destroy it. At such a time, it is the religious duty of every Hindu to utilise temples and their property for the protection of Dharma. Therefore, Suresh Haware should make efforts through the curriculum in terms of how temples will be used to restore the glory of Dharma instead of society !
  • Why doesn’t Haware demand that the money should be recovered from most of the politicians, who loot the public by corrupting crores of rupees, and using it for the development of the society ?