O Kafirs, we shall bury you when our time comes !

  • Provoking video made by a fanatic Muslim named Arshad
  • Shoaib, a fanatic Muslim, was arrested after his video urinating on ‘Shivalinga’ at Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) became viral on social media !
  • ISKCON Spokesperson tweets the videos !

Kolkata – A video of a fanatic Muslim named Mustafa Arshad Khan has become viral on social media. In this video, he is threatening Hindus as ‘Kafirs’, warning them that ‘Muslims would bury Hindus when the time comes.’  This video has been shared by ISKCON’s Spokesperson from Kolkata, Radharaman Das. Das says, “Muslims are quite sure as to what they have to do when their time comes. What are you going to do O Hindus ?” Mustafa Arshad Khan has more than 14,000 followers on Instagram, informs Das in his tweet.

1. Das has uploaded another video through a tweet which too has become viral. It is seen in the video that a Muslim named Shoaib is urinating on ‘Shivalinga’. The video is from Rasna village in the Meerut District. The incident occurred on the 18th of October and was noticed by the priest of the temple when he came to the temple in the morning and found the gate open. He also noticed there was a severe stink in the temple; therefore, the CCTV footage was checked, and the facts came to light. A case has been registered, and the police have arrested Shoaib. The Police said that Shoaib was a drunkard, and he did it after getting drunk. (In that case, why he didn’t do such a disgraceful act in a mosque or a church ? Will the Police be able to answer this question ? – Editor)

2. Radharaman Das has commented on the video that Shoaib urinated on a ‘Shivalinga’. Today, Hindus’ condition is such that they would not do anything in this matter.

3. The infuriating incidents of urinating on ‘Shivalinga’ have happened even earlier. In March 2021, a fanatic Muslim named Asif did the same thing and in July 2019, another Muslim named Irshad aka Irani also did it in a Mahadev temple at Jahangirabad in  Bulandshahr District of Uttar Pradesh.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Fanatic Muslims from all over the country threaten Hindus with beheading, and they are also killing Hindus when there are alleged incidents of insult of Muslims’ objects of worship. On the other hand, Hindus do not utter a word of protest even after their religious sentiments are hurt; therefore, there is nothing surprising that such incidents are occurring everywhere almost every day.   
  • The so-called secularists don’t make any comments on such incidents, nor such news are published by media !

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