Conspiracy of rebuilding Babri Masjid by demolishing under construction Shriram temple

  • Investigation report of Jihadi activist of Popular Front of India (PFI) submitted to the Court  
  • Anti-Hindu conspiracy of banned PFI exposed
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Nashik (Maharashtra) – The Jihadi terrorist group Popular Front of India (PFI) conspired to destroy the Shriram temple under construction in Ayodhya and construct the Babri Masjid there. The Government advocates have claimed that the Jihadi activists of this organisation were in contact with members in Islamic Countries before the Nashik District Sessions Court. In September, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested 5 activists from this organisation and interrogated them. According to the investigation, there was a plan to rebuild the Babri Masjid in order to make India an Islamic nation. In September, more than hundreds of PFI jihadi activists were arrested throughout the Country. PFI was then banned by the Central Government. It was revealed that this organisation had the conspiracy to make India an Islamic nation in the year 2047. In addition, it was revealed that they had attempted to kill Prime Minister Modi.

(Credit : News Nation)

A total of five activists have been arrested in the State and are currently in the custody of the Anti-Terrorism Squad. They have travelled abroad. Their accounts have also been credited with a large amount of money from abroad. A WhatsApp group was created with an admin account controlled by Pakistan for all these activists.

Editorial viewpoint 

  • Though jihadi terrorists target Hindu temples, secularists and progressives in the Country always support them by saying not to associate them with religion. 
  • Jihadists will always keep a crooked eye on Shriram Temple in Ayodhya, so Hindus should strive for its security and the Central Government should eradicate Jihadists.

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