Bajrang Dal activist dies after beaten up brutally by Muslims in Delhi !

Agitation by the Hindus

Nitesh who died in the attack

New Delhi – 3 Muslim youths brutally beat the 3 Hindus Nitesh, Alok and Monti out of a quarrel in Baljeet Nagar, Delhi. Nitesh and Alok were seriously injured. They both were admitted to the hospital and Nitesh lost his life on 15th October during the treatment. After getting the news of the death of Nitesh, Hindus raised an agitation in large numbers in that area. Hence, the Police were deployed in large numbers.

The Police are claiming that the attack was not due to religious reasons but some quarrel between the groups. The 1st attack was done by Nitesh and Alok. They are already charged with some previous crimes. The names of the culprits are Ufiza, Adanan and Abbas. All three are missing. One of them is a member of the banned organisation Popular Front of India.

Editorial viewpoint

In the past few years, the attacks by Muslims on Hindus are increasing rapidly. Hindus want that the Central Government should take cognisance of this !