Conspiracy to construct illegal tombs, mosques, etc. in Bet Dwarka for creating security concerns for India !

Dwarka (Gujarat) – Bet Dwarka in Dwarka, Gujarat is close to Pakistan’s border. Now, when a big conspiracy has been unearthed of a plan to attack Dwarka and create a security concern for India, the illegal tombs, mosques, etc. constructed by Muslims have been demolished. Bet Dwarka can be reached only by ferry. Bet Dwarka is said to be the Dwarka built by Bhagavan Shrikrushna. It is also believed that Shrikrushna stayed here and this is where Sudama came to meet Bhagavan Shrikrushna.

The distance between Bet Dwarka and Karachi is about 185 nautical miles, i.e., about 342 km. The illegal religious constructions built by Muslims would have been used for giving shelter to jihadi terrorists, and they could have attacked different parts of India on getting an opportunity, as per the view of our security agencies. There were many illegal constructions in front of the Border Security Force’s station. The people staying in them were keeping an eye on the movements of Indian forces; therefore, the administration took action against such constructions. Now, the intelligence agency is trying to find out the people involved in such constructions.

Editorial viewpoint

What were the intelligence department, local administration and Police doing when such illegal constructions were going on even when Bet Dwarka is so important from India’s security point of view ? Had any untoward incident happened during this period, who would have been responsible for the same ? An in-depth investigation should be conducted in this regard !

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