In the Reliance Mart advertisement actress Sai Tamhankar is seen welcoming Shri Ganesh without a Bindi

Shefali Vaidya’s objection to Sai Tamhankar’s advertisement

(Left side) Shefali Vaidya and Sai Tamhankar’s advertisement

Mumbai – There is a debate about an advertisement put out by ‘Reliance Mart’, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. In this advertisement for ‘Reliance Mart’, Marathi actress Sai Tamhankar is shown welcoming Shri Ganesh without wearing a Bindi on her forehead. Shefali Vaidya a senior author has objected to this. She has tweeted and has also put a hashtag ‘#nobindinobusiness’. (Congratulations to the senior author Shefali Vaidya who has herself strongly opposed the ‘Reliance Marts’ advertisement and also asked others to oppose it and stop this mockery of Dharma ! From this Marathi and Hindi artists should understand the stand and stop this mockery of Hindu Deities and festivals in the media ! – Editor)

What is this issue ?

In 2021, during the Diwali Festival, some leading brands used photographs of models not wearing Bindi for advertising their Brands. Shefali Vaidya took exception to this saying, ‘In the advertisement brought out during the Hindu festivals the photographs of the models (the individual that is chosen to promote a particular clothes brand or any other Product) must wear a Bindi. She took a stand and insisted on this.

Taking cognition of the tremendous support to this stand from all strata of society, the businesses took back those advertisements and put forward new advertisements that had models wearing Bindi. Now Shefali Vaidya who brought these large business houses and Brands to their knees has come forward to oppose the ‘Reliance Mart’ advertisement.

Editorial viewpoint

In the Arab countries when there is a mockery of the Prophet Mohammad or the Quran in the advertisements of businesses, strict action is taken against the businesses and they are banished from the state. For the past few years, numerous businesses’ advertisements have mocked and hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus. But no action was taken against them. The Hindus expect the Maharashtra Government to take notice and take strict action against these businesses.

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