Declare India a Hindu Rashtra

Renowned actor Mukesh Khanna’s demand to the Central Government

(From left) Famous actor Mukesh Khanna and Jagadguru Paramahansacharya                     (Image credit :

New Delhi – Famous actor Mukesh Khanna demanded the Central Government to declare India a Hindu Rashtra.

He tweeted that we live in Hindustan and call our country India is too much. India should have been declared a Hindu Rashtra the day Pakistan was formed. Along with this tweet, Khanna has also attached a video link in which Jagadguru Paramahansacharya is asking Mukesh Khanna about his views on Hindu Rashtra. Khanna replied that he had raised this topic a year ago. Our country used to be united earlier, then why is it not today ? In the video, Khanna has demanded to declare India a Hindu Rashtra.

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